ZHEJIANG SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTOR CO.,LTD is situated in the urban district of shengzhou city, is close to shangsanxian, Hangyong and yongtaiwen expressway, is 110km away from Hangzhou, and has very good transport facilities.

ZHEJIANG SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTOR CO.,LTD is a enterprise which uses sophisticated technology and specially produces the small and medium alternating current motor and micro motor. The predecessor of our company is ZHEJIANG SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTOR WORKS, The works was established in 1958,was a medium-size enterprise of the country grade, was restructured as limited-liability company in 1997,was affirmed as advanced and new technology enterprise of ZHEJIANG PROVINCE.

The fixed assets is now one hundred and sixty million yuan(RMB), the company covers an area of 200000 square meters,construction area 108000 spuare meters. The worker and staff members are over 800,300 people of them are different specialized technical personnel. Our company has huge technical force, and the advanced special hardware and testing equipment concerning the motor production, the  annual production of the small and medium alternating current motor of Ħ°SAN BAOĦħ brand is two million kW. The annual production of the micro motor is five million.

The mail products of our company, the motor for the refrigerator and air-conditioning compressor,YX3-high-efficiency and energy-saving motor, YZR, YZ112-315hoisting metallurgical motor, Y1,Y2 whole series motors YVF whole series variable frequency adjustable-speed motor, SZY112-280 special purpose motor for injection machine, and YD series multi-speed motor, the products can be widely used in the industries of the household electric appliance, machinery, hoisting machinery and construction machinery, etc. The household electric appliance. The latest new products of our company are permanent-magnet brush less direct current motor, automatic rooling door motor , tubular motor for the window, screw pump motor, cleaner pump motor, pulverizer motor, electric cutter and high-speed motor for the textile machine.

Products of our enterprise win the honorable title of ZHEJIANG PROVINCE BRAND NAME PRODUCT in 2001. in1997, the company passed first the attestation according to the ISO9000 quality control system in the same industry, products passed the attestation of CCC,CE,GS and CSA .this enterprise has been appraised SHENGZHOU big taxpayer ten years in a row ,win the honored title of ZHEJIANG advanced and new technology enterprise, ZHEJIANG ĦħSMALL GIANTĦħ enterprise, province grade advanced units and province-grade civic virtues units.

This company is ready to provide fine quantity products and excellent service to customers ,honors all contracts, Inquiries and orders are warmly welcome.

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