YVF Series frequency-variable and speed-regulative three-phase asynchronous motors are suitable for running in frequency changer and speed regulation system which the power is supplied by a frequency converter.  This new series of product designed unitedly in the country can be mated with all kinds of SPWM frequency changer and speed regulation devices and is equipped with a separate cooling fan which ensure the motor for good cooling at various rotating speed. They can be used in machine tool, metallurgic industry, textile, printing and dyeing, transportation, chemical industry, mine and for seep regulation of fans and pumps.

This motor has advantages of a wide range of stepless speed regulation, lower noise and vibration and make a feature of low speed constant torque output and high speed constant power output.  Its mounting dimensions and rating class are in conformity to IEC standard, having good versatility and interchangeability.  The protection degree by enclosure: IP54; Cooling mode:IC416; running duty:S1; Class F insulation; Connections: Y for 55kW, for >55kW.

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