SZY series motors are special purpose motor used as accessories for plastics injection moulding machines.  The type of structure is B35.  The degree of protection conforms to IP44.  The motor is designed in accordance with IEC standard.  The output ratings conform to IEC standard.

The motor has many excellent features of high efficiency, good starting performance, reliable running, low noise, little vibration, firm structure and attractive appearance, etc.  The motor can be derived on request.  For example, voltage can be 220V/380V, 200V/346V, 346V/600V or 380V/660V, frequency can be 50Hz or 60Hz, terminal box can be placed on right-hand side or left-hand side. Service condition: not over 1,000 meters above sea level, not exceeding +40ˇăC with ambient temperature and continuous running duty S1.

The noise at rated load does not exceed 75 dB (sound pressure level) for the motors smaller than 22kW and not exceed 82 dB (A) (sound pressure level) for those between 22kW and 55kW. 

The vibration speed at no load does not exceed 1.8 mm/s for the motors with H132-H225 and not exceed 2.8 mm/s for the motors of H250-H280.

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